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Running low on energy? Here’s something to get you fuelled up any time.
Boncafé Espresso Blend Ground 200g
An exquisite blend of the finest Arabica beans from the African continent and Central and South America, the Espresso Blend displays all the ideal characteristics of a classic Italian espresso. It boasts a rich texture and intense flavour, mild acidity and luxurious crema, as well as a lovely smooth finish, making it a superb brew for that all-essential espresso flavour.


Segafredo Zanetti Peru 100% Arabica Single Origin x 1 Carton
Rich and velvety with notes of chocolates. Blend of roasted ground coffee in a single serve capsule packed in a protective atmosphere. Intensity: 9 Roast Level: Medium Packaging: 10 Aluminum capsules* per box (10 boxes per carton) *compatible with Nespresso® machines. 100% RECYCLABLE.


Segafredo Zanetti 100% Arabica Carton
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso 100% Arabica Capsule
Sweet and aromatic. Intensity: 9 Roast Level: Light Packaging: 10 Aluminum capsules* per box (10 boxes per carton) *compatible with Nespresso® machines. 100% RECYCLABLE.


Boncafé Mocca Blend Beans 200g
Composed from a lively blend of Arabica coffees from Latin America, the Mocca blend is a City (medium) roast that brings out the exquisite bittersweet flavour of premium Arabica beans upon a sensuous chocolatey base.


Segafredo Zanetti Extra Strong
Expertly roasted to perfection by our master roasters, we select only the best quality beans from some of the best coffee growing regions around the world for you to enjoy. Segafredo’s Extra Strong blend is made with the highest quality beans containing a high percentage of high altitude Arabica varieties with well-balanced acidity. Extra Strong is a full-bodied coffee with a smooth, strong unique taste. It is characterised by a dense structure and intense shades with fragrant toasted-bread and chocolate features. Our coffee professionals concocted a balanced blend of the highest Arabica and Robusta qualities, selected to replicate at home the fragrance and consistency of the Espresso you can drink at a cafe. Creamy and with an intense fragrance, this is Segafredo’s unique blend for home espresso enthusiasts.


Boncafé The Royale Collection Viennese Cremino 500g
Boncafé Royale Viennese
The Viennese Blend wonderfully melds the refined qualities of Latin America Arabica beans with the full-bodied strength of Asian Robusta beans. A Full City (medium dark) roast, it creates a bitter-sweet brew that has a slight caramel and chocolatey flavour with mild acidity.


Boncafé Morning Blend Ground 200g
Arabica beans that come from the Central Highlands of the Latin American continent are blended together to give that lively start to the day. The refined brew is prepared at City (medium) roast to invigorate the senses with a rich flavour intensity and mild floral acidity. Also available in Beans.  


Boncafé Latte Art Workshop
Are you always impressed with the beautiful pattern that comes with your latte?  Join us and pick up a new skill from our experienced Trainers on creating latte art! Learn about coffee and proper milk frothing techniques as well.

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