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Running low on energy? Here’s something to get you fuelled up any time.
Boncafé Espresso Blend Ground 200g
An exquisite blend of the finest Arabica beans from the African continent and Central and South America, the Espresso Blend displays all the ideal characteristics of a classic Italian espresso. It boasts a rich texture and intense flavour, mild acidity and luxurious crema, as well as a lovely smooth finish, making it a superb brew for that all-essential espresso flavour.


Dialogue Single Origin Kenya AA Asali Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
Dialogue Kenya AA Asali Coffee Beans
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  • Dialogue Kenya AA Asali Single Origin Roasted Coffee Beans 250g x 2 packs
  • Please note that Dialogue Single Origin coffee is only roasted when an order is received.
  • Allow us 5 days processing (roasting & packing) before handing over to our logistics partner.
  • Per order is 2 packs (same single origin) x 250g
  • Best Before: 6 months from roasting date.
  • Once opened, please consume within 1 week.


Dosing Cup Stainless Steel 58mm
Dosing Cup Stainless Steel 58mm
If you are a coffee lover, this dosing cup is a must-have accessory for your coffee machine. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The detachable design makes it more convenient to use and easy to clean.


iCafe French Vanilla
Boncafé iCafé French Vanilla 30pcs
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk and vanilla flavour.


Brodies Peppermint Tea 20s
Brodies Peppermint Tea
Bright Green cut leaves are used in this classic herbal tea which both stimulates and refreshes – a wonderfully effective after-dinner ‘digestif’ that will settle over-worked stomachs and cleanse the palate. Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Peppermint. Caffeine Free.


Segafredo Zanetti Coffee Capsule Brasile 100% Arabica Single Origin
Segrafredo Zanetti Brasile 100% Arabica Single Origin
Sweet and softly rounded with subtle honey notes. Intensity: 8 Roast Level: Medium Packaging: 10 Aluminum capsules* per box (10 boxes per carton) *compatible with Nespresso® machines. 100% RECYCLABLE.


Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica Beans 1kg
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica Coffee beans is a selection of Arabica beans from South America. Its aromatic, delicate and balanced flavour will delight the most demanding of connoisseurs. This coffee with its citrus character and hint of honey will appeal to gourmets.


Revolution Organic Green Tea 20s
Revolution Organic Green Tea
This is an excellent way to enjoy the light flavor and low caffeine of green tea. Our blend includes three full-leaf premium teas, organic Idulgashinna, Chun Mee, and Sencha, and because green tea isn't oxidized, like black tea, it is mildly astringent and has a clean, slightly grassy flavor. Our tea is USDA certified, so you know it was sustainably grown and harvested. Green tea has been prized as a delicious and healthy drink for thousands of years. It contains antioxidants that support the health of the whole body, such as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). This powerful polyphenol may be one reason people have associated green tea with good health since ancient times. Ingredients: Chinese Organic Chun Mee Green Tea (40%), Chinese Organic Sencha Green Tea (40%), Indian Organic Korakundah Green Tea (20%) Caffeine: 20mg


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