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Running low on energy? Here’s something to get you fuelled up any time.
BonChoco Instant Hot Chocolate Drink
BonChoco Chocolate Beverages
A favourite with all ages, Bonchoco chocolate beverages is a sure winner no matter when and how it is served. Bonchoco chocolate drinks make for an ideal treat any time of the day. Available in 5 sachets, 50 sachets and 300 sachets single serve, 1 kg packet, 350g tin and 46 fl. oz tin.


Dialogue Single Origin El Salvador San Carlos Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
Dialogue El Salvador San Carlos Coffee Beans
  • Dialogue El Salvador San Carlos Single Origin Roasted Coffee Beans 250g x 2 packs
  • Please note that Dialogue Single Origin coffee is only roasted when an order is received.
  • Allow us 5 days processing (roasting & packing) before handing over to our logistics partner.
  • Per order is 2 packs (same single origin) x 250g
  • Best Before: 6 months from roasting date.
  • Once opened, please consume within 1 week.


Gaggia New Classic Pro Made in Italy Coffee Machine Stainless Steel

Gaggia New Classic PRO Unleash Your Inner Barista at Home

The New Classic holds Gaggia’s 80 years of history, tradition and experience. DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY Guarantee of premium quality and a never-ending passion for espresso making.


Cafflano Klassic All in One Coffee Maker
Cafflano Klassic
Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It consists of coffee grinder that has a foldaway conical burr ceramic hand-mill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, etched stainless filter and tumbler, and all of those components are integrated into a single assembling unit.


Brodies Loose Leaf Tin
Brodies Christmas Tea Loose Leaf
Blended by hand using the finest large leaf black tea from China, along with hibiscus, citrus peel, cloves and star anise this tea captures the very essence of Christmas in a cup. Fruity, hot and spicy this loose leaf tea will keep the winter chill at bay and comes in a beautiful rose gold thistle embossed caddy. Ingredients: Black Tea, Hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip shells, citrus peel, flavourings, ginger extract Contains: 100g loose infusion. Expiry: 30 Sep 2023


Brodies Peppermint Tea 20s
Brodies Peppermint Tea
Bright Green cut leaves are used in this classic herbal tea which both stimulates and refreshes – a wonderfully effective after-dinner ‘digestif’ that will settle over-worked stomachs and cleanse the palate. Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Peppermint. Caffeine Free.


Revolution Golden Chamomile Tea
Revolution Golden Chamomile
You may know that chamomile tea is an excellent drink to soothe you before bed, but you may not know that it help boost immunity and reduce inflammation. As a completely caffeine-free drink, Revolution Tea's most popular herbal blend is perfect to help with relaxation or when you'd like a steaming cup of something delicious in the evening. We make each cup by blending whole Egyptian chamomile flowers, marigold flowers and peppermint leaves for a delicious taste without any additives or caffeine. Ingredients: USA Peppermint (49%), Egyptian Chamomile Flowers (43%), Egyptian Marigold Petals (8%)


Oatly Organic Oat Drink Oat Milk 1L Dairy Free
Oatly Organic Oat Drink 6pcs
This product is as good as it gets. Water, organic oats and a little bit of sea salt for flavour. That’s it. Then this product is packaged in a process that allows it to be stored without refrigeration. That means you can take it to the summer cottage and store it in the hall and then pop it into the fridge to chill before using. If you are familiar with our other products we recommend that you try this one. It has the potential to win some shelf space in your home.


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