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Running low on energy? Here’s something to get you fuelled up any time.
Bonaroma Peck Me Up
A vibrant blend full of character, it is lively with notes of berries and dark chocolate and brown sugar sweetness. Topped with floral aroma, it is an ideal every day coffee for those who prefers a less intense cup.


Lelit Bianca PL162T Version 2
Bianca is the espresso machine that represents the highest technology and design of Lelit product range. A unique and precious machine that will satisfy you with its technical features and aesthetical qualities.


Brodies Loose Leaf Tin
Brodies Royal Scottish Loose Leaf
This is a blend of two ‘Regal’ large leaf teas from India and Sri Lanka.The malty rich Assam quality complements perfectly the aromatic Ceylon tea and produces a wonderfully rounded, soothing cup to refresh the palate. Thoroughly fit for Kings and Queens. Contains: 100g loose leaf tea. Ingredients: Black tea. Expiry: 28 Feb 2023


Brodies Rooibos & Apple Tea 20s
Brodies Rooibos & Apple Tea
Known also as the Red Bush Tea, Rooibos originates from South Africa.  With is naturally sweet, nutty taste combined with the flavour of apple, gives this infusion a rich warming character. Best drunk by itself with no additions. Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Rooibos(76.5%), Apple Pomace (15%), Apple Flavour (8.5%). Caffeine Free.


Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Beans 454g
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Coffee beans is the mildest of the Speciale coffee range. The traditional method of roasting helps in the extraction of flavours, which will appeal especially to those who like a delicate and flavourful coffee. Perfect for milk-based coffee lovers.


Coffee Distributor and Tamper 58mm
Coffee Distributor & Tamper 58mm
This 58mm Adjustable Distributor & Tamper is designed to work with most portafilters and espresso machine models.


Bontea Signature Collection Camomile
Bontea Camomile (100s) Signature Collection
Produced from the finest Chamomile flowers to yield a rich and delightfully fragrant cup of tea. Renowned for its soothing effects, it’s a popular choice to calm oneself amidst the hectic pace of modern life.


Boncafé Colombiana Blend Ground 200g
A delicate blend of lively and bright Arabica beans from the Latin American highlands and roasted at Full City (medium dark) to bring out a dark fruited sweetness in the cup. It has a rounded mouth-feel with a slight floral scent and a slightly nutty, bittersweet aftertaste.


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