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Before good ideas come good coffee. Whether you’re a team of two or a tribe of two hundred, we make sure all your coffee needs are taken care of.
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Our Story

Once upon a time in 1962, a coffee-loving expat wife was on a quest to discover the perfect cuppa in our little red dot. Okay, maybe just decent coffee for a start.

She bumped into Mr W.E. Huber during her java-finding journey. Luckily for her, this guy happened to be a Swiss commodities trader — who later went on to launch his one-hundred percent pure gourmet coffee business after getting inspired by her coffee complaints. With his battery-operated roaster (the only cool gadget back then), he began his lifelong passion of building Boncafé into a household name that’s now recognised regionally.

And that was our humble beginning. Today, we’re super stoked to be sharing our love for coffee in 15 different regions around the world — including South East and East Asia, United Arab Emirates, Europe and South America.
At Boncafe, our end goal is to continually create more of these warm (coffee) memories with you.
Our Business

Anything and everything that’s brewed – that’s our business.

If there’s one thing we can say about ourselves, we’ve had a lifelong love affair with brewing.

Since the beginning, our passion for bringing you the perfect brew has driven every aspect of our company. We do the coffee homework for you – by bringing home only the best beans and tea leaves from top growing regions.

From international hotels to resorts, airlines to restaurants, and clubs to retail outlets, our goal is to be your one-stop coffee fix. Just let us know what your taste is and we’ll get them over to you pronto: whether it be roasted and ground coffee, tea, juices, ready-to-drink products, sauces and syrups, smoothies or frappé mixes.

We’re also continually looking for new ways to deliver the quality you deserve (and bon with you). If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Our Team

The Support Team
From handling your queries to helping you decide between two cool cappuccino machines, you can trust our team to ensure all your needs are met.
The Machine Fixer-Uppers
Go fuss-free with our machine-service packages that offer our expertise in maintenance — especially when your coffee machine starts making weird noises.
The Baristas
When they’re not drowning themselves in coffee, they’re sharing coffee with you. Savour a handcrafted beverage for your surprise parties and special occasions with our experienced team of baristas.
The Tech Crew
Get top-notch technical support from us any day — we’re here even on weekends.
our mission
To serve with passion, pride and promise – from crop to cup and beyond.
our vision
To be the crème de la crème of gourmet coffees and its products around the world – guided by integrity, quality, service and relationships.
what we value
Of course, we value quality coffee first. Good stuff! But fresh beans and fancy machines aside, we think the perfect blend is impossible at Boncafé without:
passion for
Creating a culture of respect and harmony, where everyone can bond.
Staying relevant and ready at all times.

Our Manifesto

We believe that premium coffee should be accessible to anyone and everyone. No fancy parties with pretentious pinkies out. No classy coffee machines.
It’s just an intimate moment between you and your cup — we don’t judge when you’re in bed at noon or having a bad hair day.
We are passionate
about our diverse brews for the caffeinators who know exactly what they want.
From creamy cappuccinos to mild and milky macchiatos — we’re just a cup, capsule or call away.
We strive to bring home only the best beans for your taste buds, from crop to cup and beyond.
Because you deserve nothing but the finest liquid beans — and we will cross continents so you can savour them.
We stand by you
as your personal coffee companion, wherever and whenever you need us.
You are worthy of that one-to-one attention — coffee lovers like us should be celebrated like a rare gem.
In short, we’re always brewing up something bold and fun.

Let's Bon!

Boncafé coffee beans
We are part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group. You can say they’re kind of a big deal — having grounded themselves as the first private coffee group in the world.

Our parent company also holds a number of well-known international brands. Most of these are leading names in their specific area or sector — offering a mixed bag of high-quality products like coffee, tea, cocoa and spices for caffeine enthusiasts like you and me.
Check them out
Discover News and Updates

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Discover the New Blend – Crema19 October 2021
Introducing a new blend under our Gourmet Collection – CREMA, perfect for any time of the day.  The Crema Blend has rich, bold chocolates and roasted nuts, medium-bodied, and silky mouthfeel with slight fruity aroma. The perfect balance of body, aroma and flavour, further distinguished by its distinct smokiness and mild acidity. ROAST: Full City […]
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New State of the Art Service Center for Boncafé Middle East15 October 2021
Boncafé Middle East officially opened the new Service Centre and Warehouse – a cutting-edge facility in the region to offer world class after sales support to their customers. Spread over 8000 sq feet, the newer- bigger- better facility in Dubai Silicon Oasis, is at a strategic location and can cater to more clients, facilitate high […]
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PT Bon Cafe Indonesia: Yogyakarta Showroom Opening24 March 2020
Situated in the city centre at Jalan Raya Magelang, PT Bon Cafe Indonesia – Yogyakarta will strive to bring you the perfect brew with our Bon-stop coffee and beverage solutions with Passion. ”As most of you may have known us as Caswell’s Coffee from Jakarta and Bali, the decision to establish ourselves here in Java […]
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The Brew Shop

Start your workday right our selection of brews and brewers at Boncafé.
Bunn The Urn Maestro U3
For an innovative solution that meets heavy consumer demands, look no further than the Bunn U3. Its unique design features a water tank capacity of more than 20 gallons (75.7 litres), and assures minimal evaporation loss to maintain the brew at its flavourful peak. With an output capable of 18.1 gallons to 20.9 gallons (68.5 to 79.9 litres) of coffee per hour, the U3 remains the preferred choice for food service operators that serve large volumes.
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Replacement Bar Cover
Replacement rubber bar cover for square and rectangular knock boxes and chutes.  This bar cover has a slit down the middle and slides over the bar of your knock box. Measurement : 5.5” Material : Rubber
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Gaggia Anima Class
The Soul of Espresso. Anima Class delivers a perfect in-cup result in a few seconds and it never disappoints. Enjoy 5 coffees and milk-based drinks (of which 4 at one touch), from the traditional espresso to a foamy cappuccino, and personalize their length and strength. Other features:
  • Ground Coffee Option – An easy solution to brew even more different coffee blends.
  • Pre-Brewing – Few seconds between the first shower of hot water and the brewing process to extract a full bouquet of coffee aromas.
  • Gaggia Adapting System – Innovative technology to make sure you always have the right quantity of ground coffee for your espresso.
  • Programmable Dispensing System – Customize the temperature, length and strength of all your favourite drinks.
  • Integrated Milk Carafe – It is possible to prepare the foamiest cappuccinos in just one touch. The automatic cleaning cycle and the possibility to store it in the fridge make it hygienic and efficient.
  • Optiaroma – Gives you the unique possibility to personalize the intensity and flavour of your espresso.
  • 100% Ceramic Adjustable Grinders – The resistant 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. Select among 10 options to customise your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.
  • Milk Circuit Quick Clean – Special system allows you to thorougly clean the milk circuit in a few seconds after every use, ensuring a perfect hygiene.
  • Automatic Cleaning & Guided Descaling – The coffee circuit is automatically cleaned when you switch the machine on or off, ensuring a perfect aroma at every use. The machine alerts you when it is time to descale it and guides you step by step through messages on the display.
Installation Points:
  • One 13 amps power point
  • Dimension: W221 x D430 x H340 (mm)
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Thermoplan Black & White 4 CTMPlus
Whether vegan trend or food intolerance. The CTM+ offers each customer the suitable beverage. Bean hopper ~1.7 kg RL refrigerator 9 liters Electrical connection 1 Phase 220–240 VAC / 50–60 Hz 5800–7100 W / 32 A 3 Phases 380–415 VAC / 50–60 Hz 5800–7100 W / 3×16 A Dimensions 692 x 600 x 646 mm (W/D/H) (with RL) Weight 90 kg
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Oatly Oat Drink
This is an oat drink in ambient packaging so that you can store it at room temp. It is a great go-to product for just about everything and is loaded with a nutritional balance (protein, carbs, fiber and healthy fat in a nice amount of each) that would make other drinks exceptionally jealous but since it is made of oats and oats are incredibly humble, well then jealousy is not an issue. When should you use it? Whenever you would use old-school milk from cows — chilled in a glass, for cooking or baking — in exactly the same amounts.
Available at Cold Storage stores, Redman selected stores, Redmart Online, Tangs Online and Tangs Orchard (Basement 1) and Takashimaya Household Department (Basement 1).
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Coffee Colour Printer
Add value to your coffee and your bakery by adding fun and personalised messages and images to their beverages with this coffee printer. Installation Points: • One 13 amps power point
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Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition
Oat Drink Barista Edition is made from liquid oats, which means it isn’t overly sweet or excessively heavy. It is fully foamable, putting you in control over the density and performance of your foam to showcase latte art skills. Barista Edition oat drink is rich in unsaturated fat. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your daily diet contributes to maintaining a recommended cholesterol level.
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La Marzocco Linea PB
A heavy duty workhorse – capturing the past, envisioning the future The Linea PB features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software that gives the barista direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, auto-back flush as well as other options. The Linea PB’s lower profile and increased work area also make it practical, without abandoning world renown Italian design.
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