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Tempesta Storm Barista Attitude
Tempesta Storm Barista Attitude - Singapore An interface capable of managing the new espresso performances with clear movements—simply and safely. Style - We are a brand specialized in the creation of new technical, aesthetic and interface concepts for espresso machines. We represent the state-of-the-art in these machines through their design, gestural movement of the barista and his or her relationship to the space around them. Our thermal system—precise and stable as no other—is the basis of a technology recognized for its superlative reliability consolidated over time. Design - We are unique because movement is our concept of the machine. From the water in movement in the boilers—pressurized, boiled, evaporated—to the theatrical gesture that explores the perfection of a curve of delivery, to the expectant expression while awaiting the cup of coffee: it is all design. The Tempesta coffee machine is a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Standard Version Design, craftsmanship and high-technology in a machine developed for coffee shops and baristas for whom the espresso ritual is the heart of their space and rapport with people. Tempesta brings to center stage the Barista Attitude concept through a gestural expressiveness that is fluid and meaningful around a machine with a strong character, but which at the same time sits easily on the counter and with excellent dispensing control.   FRC - Flow Rate Control Version The version that has revolutionized the Specialty Coffee culture is also a point-of-reference for new concepts in design, ergonomics and technology for high-end espresso machines. Tempesta FRC has no match in terms of potential for experimentation both during the extraction process and play between steam and water.
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Perfect Moose Greg
The smart steam foamer connected to your espresso machine. Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any milk type you like. Your extra pair of barista hands. Who's Greg? Perfect Moose Greg is a ‘gregarious’ kind of foamer who likes holding hoofs with your espresso machine. Connect Moose Greg to your espresso machine and they will share its boiler to create those tiny microbubbles you want. Want Moose Greg to partner up with your espresso machine? Just be sure it produces a constant steam pressure using a separate steam boiler or multi-boiler technology. Greg likes a steady partner… Greg works with 35 | 50 | 75 cl Smart Moose Pitchers. Epic Greg works with 50 | 75 | 100 cl Smart Moose Pitchers.
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Baratza Sette 30
Sette 30 gives you an immediate upgrade for your espresso game; suitable for basic and advanced espresso machines. Features: Revolutionary grinding mechanism that produces game-changing performance:
  • Straight-thru vertical transports and grinding of the beans.
  • Rotation of the outer ring burr (with twice the surface area of the cone burr) along with proprietary tooth geometry, produces grinding thru-put that is two to three times that of others in its class.
  • Proprietary gear box (planetary + crown gear) that maximizes efficiency of torque transfer, resulting in lower power consumption and much less heat.
  • Powerful DC motor for maximum starting torque and efficiency, resulting in cooler operation.
Burrs & brewing methods:
  • Manufactured by Etzinger in Liechtenstein, it has 40mm conical S1 burrs.
  • Grinds 3.5 to 5.5 grams per second, depending on roast and grind setting. The burrs are durable, and will remain sharp for many years.
Device holder & grounds bin:
  • allows you to remove and re-orient the arms to grind directly into a portafilter or into the supplied grounds bin.
  • made from an antistatic plastic, with a molded spout for easy pouring into your preferred brewing device.
An innovative bean shutoff feature in the collar for easy hopper removal. Digital control front mounted panel with backlit LED display. Grind macro adjustment of 31 steps for exceptional espresso and other brewing methods. Easily removable cone burr for cleaning. Specifications:
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 300 – 400g
  • Ground Bin Capacity: 160g
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 24cm x 40cm
  • Power: 240W
  • Voltage: 230V Single Phase
  • Weight: 3.2kg
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Lelit MaraX
MaraX is an E61-type group having automatic brew temperature control that allows all users to easily pull the perfect espresso shot. Main Features:
  • One shot after the other – eliminated the long waiting time in between. It is always ready to brew the next shot.
  • The New Stainless Steel boiler AISI316L – aimed at providing an espresso that keeps its taste and aroma intact through each single bean from the start to the very end.
  • Machine customization – configuration buttons that you can choose both the mode of use and the preferred extraction temperature.
  • Measures brewing pressure
  • Easily accessible water tank
  • Satin-finish
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Power saving
Specifications: Dimensions: 22cm x 41cm x 35cm Weight: 18kg Water Tank: 2.5L capacity
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Lelit Fred PL043MMI
Fred is the line of high performing grinders for blends always freshly ground, a must for the lovers of real Espresso. It is an automatic grinder on demand which grants a constant grind of excellent quality in compact dimensions for every space demand. Features:
  • Micro-metric stepless grinding adjustment.
  • Coffee chute, filter holder support and grinding switch in stainless steel.
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 250g
  • Burr Diameter: Ø38 mm conical mills
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 18cm x 30.5 cm
  • Power: 150W
  • Voltage: 230V Single Phase
  • Weight: 2.8kg
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Lelit Bianca PL162
Bianca is the espresso machine that represents the highest technology and design of Lelit product range. A unique and precious machine that will satisfy you with its technical features and aesthetical qualities. Features: • Paddle – Manually control every single phase of the coffee extraction to obtain the best possible result for every cup. • LCC (Lelit Control Center) – Allows the user to control all the machine parameters, such as the temperature regulation for the coffee extraction, steam delivery and pre-infusion times for that perfect cup for everyone. • PID – PID boiler controller for both coffee and steam. • Dual Boiler – Two separate boilers, one for steam and hot water delivery and one for coffee extraction, to achieve a higher temperature stability and simultaneous delivery of coffee and steam. Specifications: • Dimension: 29cm x 40cm x 40cm (+8.5cm if using the tank) • Rotative Pump Motor: 150W • Voltage: 220V – 240V Single Phase • Weight: 26.5kg • Water Tank: 2.5L
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Toddy Filters
Toddy® filters are uniquely designed specifically for cold brew filtration, extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, and leaving behind the bitter acids and oils attached to their warm brew counterparts. In that sense, Toddy filters are what makes the coffee that millions have sworn by since 1964.
Tree Free Filter Paper Filter Paper Filter Bag
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Cafflano Kompresso
Cafflano® Kompresso is the world’s most compact and the lightest portable authentic espresso maker that uses a hydraulic system complied with Pascal’s Principle to boost the extraction force of espresso. Key Factors of Cafflano® Kompresso: • Hydraulic water compression opposed to typical Pneumatic air compression • Unique compression-model design that maximizes force efficiency • Consistent high-pressure over 9 bars • Light! Less than 200g (0.44lb) • Compact (17cm x 10cm) • Sustainable & eco-friendly • Durable and hygienic • Easy to use and clean • Max capacity of water = 80mL (2.7oz) • Max capacity of Basket Filter = 15g (0.03lb) • Affordable with no filters to replace • Internationally Patented (Utility and Design Patents)
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Cafflano Kompact
Cafflano® Kompact is an advanced press-typed (immersion) coffee brewer, which consists of silicone Bellows Chamber (easy & efficient power transmitting press chamber) with a foldable Press Guide, ultra-fine etched stainless Micro Filter, and Airlock to keep it compact and to enable cold brew on-the-go. It’s a simple pressing, hot & cold brewer! Key Features of Cafflano® Kompact • Portability – Compact with Airlock cap. No scales needed • HighPressure – Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press – Press & Squeeze mode • Safe – Lower pressing point, single-side open, and no leaks – High melting point : 220°C (Food grade silicone) • Cold Brew – Cold brew on-the-go with Airlock cap • Cup-free – Irrelevant to cup types, even squeezing on flat-dishes is possible • Pump Mechanism – Perfect cleaning of micro-holes (filter) with bellows’ pumping action – Visual check of brewing progress • Eco-Friendly – Etched stainless Micro Filter & commercial paper filter compatible
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Cafflano Klassic All in One Coffee Maker
Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It consists of coffee grinder that has a foldaway conical burr ceramic hand-mill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, etched stainless filter and tumbler, and all of those components are integrated into a single assembling unit. Wherever you are, with Cafflano® Klassic, whole beans and hot water, you can easily and conveniently make fresh and tasty coffee of your own. The best way to have great coffee is to grind freshly roasted beans and brew right before you enjoy it; and Cafflano® Klassic is the one that enables it. It is neither battery-operated nor needs electricity, but totally environment-conscious with its permanent etched stainless filter. Key Features of Cafflano® Klassic • Portability – a470g(1lb.) single constructible unit with full functionality • Convenience – easy to brew, no multiple brewing kit, measuring cup nor scale are required • Economical – 1/10th cost of coffee at shops and 60% cost of existing bulky brewing kit • Eco-friendly – no electric power, disposable filters & cup are required • Individuality – freedom of choosing any specialty coffee
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Cafflano Go-Brew
Cafflano® Go-Brew is a versatile bottle with full of functionalities, pour-over coffee brewing set, beverage bottle and eco-friendly take-away cup, pumped up with its super-sustainability. Features:
  • Maximum portability and easy cleaning
  • Made with Bioplastic ECOZEN, Silicon and Polypropylene
Award: Best New Product Award from SCA World of Coffee 2019 Berlin – Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment (Non-Electrical) Available in Black, Ivory, Lilac, Mint and Red
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Blendtec Connoisseur 825
The Connoisseur 825TM is a workhorse built with longevity in mind. It’s powerful and durable enough to stand up to heavy daily use, making it perfect for high volume business establishments. Features:
  • 3.8 peak horsepower, 7.5 amp/240v
  • 30 preprogrammed blend cycles
  • Reduced noise for quieter blending
  • LCD display, push button controls
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Lelit Mara – PL62

Mara is the most compact Lelit espresso machine with E61 type group. A marvelous object to practice the golden rules that allow every real barista to brew the most sensual espresso.

• Boiler – Copper boiler with heat exchanger
• Multi-directional warm touch steam wand – To make cappuccinos or to heat drinks easily and safely.
• Double manometer – To instantly check for coffee and steam pressure and know when the steam wand is ready for use.

• Dimensions: 22cm x 40cm x 35.5cm
• Weight: 18.8kg
• Pump: 15bar
• Water Tank: 2.5L
• Voltage: 230V Single Phase

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Rancilio Silvia Pro

Single group espresso machine equipped with digital display, dual boilers and two PID controllers.

Brew like a pro
Silvia Pro is the single group espresso machine with dual boiler technology designed for the home. Silvia Pro offers the performance, reliability and thermal stability of Rancilio’s professional espresso machines, and carries over the ease of use and iconic design of Silvia. With two internal PIDs for temperature control, a digital display and two boilers for independent management of coffee preparation and steam delivery, the Silvia Pro is the ideal solution for the experienced home barista. And with the Silvia Pro X, in addition to the pressure gauge to keep the pressure in the coffee boiler under control at all times, there is also the soft infusion, an additional function for extracting all types of coffee in the best possible way.

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La Marzocco Linea PB

A heavy duty workhorse – capturing the past, envisioning the future

The Linea PB features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software that gives the barista direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, auto-back flush as well as other options.
The Linea PB’s lower profile and increased work area also make it practical, without abandoning world renown Italian design.

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Packing Mat 8″ x 6″

This packing mat provides a cushioned surface for packing portafilters as well as protecting counter tops from portafilter spouts.

  • Dimensions:15cm x 10.5cm
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Cafflano Go-Brew

Cafflano® Go-Brew is a versatile bottle with full of functionalities, pour-over coffee brewing set, beverage bottle and eco-friendly take-away cup, pumped up with its super-sustainability.


  • Maximum portability and easy cleaning
  • Made with Bioplastic ECOZEN, Silicon and Polypropylene

Best New Product Award from SCA World of Coffee 2019 Berlin
– Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment (Non-Electrical)

Available in Black, Ivory, Lilac, Mint and Red

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Thermoplan Black & White 3 – CTM RU

You expect high performance in a small space? The Black&White3 CTM RU is only 350 mm wide and therefore extremely compact. It swiftly prepares coffee or milk specialties, hot or cold.

Capacity per hour
240 espressos
200 coffees
130 cappuccinos
140 lattinos
18 l hot water
Amount depends on cup size and machine setting

Bean hopper 1.5 kg (standard)
Bean hopper 2.2 kg (option big)
RU refrigerator 6 liters

Electrical connection
2 x 230 VAC / 50–60 Hz / 3500 W / 15/1 A

350 x 645 x 950 mm (W/D/H)

Weight :
77.5 kg

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Fetco Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewer 2152 XTS

The Twin Station 1.5 Gallon CBS-2152XTS Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewer provides flexibility in medium-to-large sized venues such as Banquet Halls, Cafeterias and Restaurants. Simplify your daily operations and experience total control of this fully featured Extractor® Brewing System via an inviting touchscreen interface display that is intuitive, easy to read and simple to navigate.

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Rancilio Classe 11 USB

Just forward
The Rancilio Classe 11 espresso machine redefines the human-machine interaction. Inspired by the language of smartphones, Classe 11 is distinguished by high standards of brewing technology, design and ergonomic solutions.
Single-boiler espresso machine available in 2, 3 or 4 groups with automatic dosing (USB) and Steady Brew technology (SB).

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Replacement Bar Cover

Replacement rubber bar cover for square and rectangular knock boxes and chutes.  This bar cover has a slit down the middle and slides over the bar of your knock box.

Measurement : 5.5”
Material : Rubber

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Thermoplan Black & White 3 -CTS

Here you can steam up things! The Black&White3 CTS is exactly the right choice for traditional milk preparation with steam. This fully automatic coffee machine provides endless steam and also gives you coffee beverages naturally in the best quality.

Capacity per hour
240 espressos
200 coffees
43 l hot water
Endless steam
Amount depends on cup size and machine setting

Bean Hopper 1.5 kg (standard)
Bean Hopper 2.2 kg (option big)

Electrical connection
230 / 400 VAC / 50–60 Hz
6900 W / 30 / 13 A

520 x 600 x 700 mm (W/D/H)

78 kg

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