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GAGGIA Classic Evo Pro: Available at Tang Plaza and Takashimaya

The latest GAGGIA Classic Evo Pro has now been launched at Tang Plaza and Takashimaya!

As a leading choice among entry-level premium espresso machines for over a decade, the Gaggia Classic Pro has evolved into the Classic Evo Pro 2023. This machine is a versatile single-boiler, dual-function unit, enhancing the home barista experience.

It includes a new OPV for accurate 9 bar extractions, improved steel elements, and a protective layer to shield the boiler from corrosion and scale. Designed with professional-level features, it comes equipped with a 58mm commercial portafilter, a 3-way solenoid valve for controlled operation, and a professional steam wand for excellent milk frothing.

The Gaggia Classic has long been celebrated for meeting high coffee-making standards. The recent updates enable it to deliver espresso at an ideal 9 Bar pressure, thanks to a refined OPV spring. Gaggia has preserved the original brass brew group while enhancing it with a new steel cover that is resistant to peeling and flaking. The 58mm commercial portafilter has been upgraded from chrome-plated brass to stainless steel, ensuring a better match with the brew group and removing any visual flaws from earlier models.

Externally, the changes are subtle, except for the more polished group cover. The Classic Evo Pro maintains its solid steel structure, complemented by premium rocker switches and LED indicators for smooth operation. The inclusion of a 3-Way Solenoid valve allows for direct wastewater disposal into the drip tray after brewing, making the coffee puck dry and easy to discard. Furthermore, the machine supports a wide array of high-quality accessories for coffee preparation.

Internally, the Classic Evo Pro has been reinforced, with a new mounting plate that stabilizes the pump and boiler, reducing vibration noise. The boiler benefits from a food-safe, inert anti-scale coating, preventing limescale accumulation and extending the machine’s lifespan.

Experience this coffee machine firsthand at our Boncafé counter, Tang Plaza B1 and Takashimaya Departmental Store B1. Seize the opportunity to be among the elite first group of customers benefiting from this exclusive offer!

At the moment, we are featuring a special coffee demonstration and sale at Takashimaya Departmental Store, available until March 14th. We invite you to come and join us! Don’t miss out on the perks of free machine training and the support of our dedicated promoter service.

For more inquiries, email [email protected] or visit our Facebook or Instagram to get in touch with us.

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