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Brodies Earl Grey Tea 20s
Brodies Earl Grey Tea
Quintessentially British, this tea takes its name from the second Earl Grey and is distinctive for its elegant flavour, delicately scented with the citrus tang of bergamot. Our blend of fine teas make this a most refreshing brew, to be drunk with or without milk or for extra citrus burst a slice of lemon. Contains: 20 tag and enveloped tea bags. Ingredients: Black Tea, Bergamot Granules.


Boncafé Decaffeinated Instant Gourmet Coffee 100g
Boncafé Decaffeinated
Blended from pure Arabica beans from Central / South America, this blend is perfect for those who enjoy premium taste without the caffeine stimulation. Available in 50g and 100g jars.


Boncafé Brazilian Gold Instant Gourmet Coffee 200g
Boncafé Brazilian Gold
Roasted and blended from a selection of pure Brazilian Arabica beans, this bittersweet, chocolate-y brew with a slightly acidic and nutty flavour gives a nice counterpoint to your busy modern lifestyle. Available in 50g, 100g and 200g.


Revolution Honeybush Caramel Herbal Tea 20s
Revolution Honeybush Caramel Herbal Tea
Honeybush Caramel is the perfect evening dessert tea to cap off a savory meal or a long day. The complementary flavors of rooibos and honeybush teas blend together for a smooth, earthy base, which we've infused with the sweet notes of creamy caramel. Together with subtle floral notes from Chinese safflower and Egyptian marigold, the caramel lends a light sweetness to the naturally sweet honeybush and rooibos leaves. This caffeine-free blend can be enjoyed any time of day, and since the constituent teas are so rich in antioxidants, you'll actually be doing your health a favor whenever you sit down to a cup. While this tea is delightful on its own, you may choose to enjoy it with a touch of sugar to bring out the caramel flavors. Ingredients: South African Rooibos (74%), South African Honeybush (20%), USA Caramel Flavor (<5%), Chinese Safflower (<5%), Egyptian Marigold (<5%) Caffeine: 0mg


Boncafé Espresso Blend Beans 200g
An exquisite blend of the finest Arabica beans from the African continent and Central and South America, the Espresso Blend displays all the ideal characteristics of a classic Italian espresso. It boasts a rich texture and intense flavour, mild acidity and luxurious crema, as well as a lovely smooth finish, making it a superb brew for that all-essential espresso flavour.


Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Beans 454g
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Coffee beans is the mildest of the Speciale coffee range. The traditional method of roasting helps in the extraction of flavours, which will appeal especially to those who like a delicate and flavourful coffee. Perfect for milk-based coffee lovers.


Brodies Lemon & Ginger Tea 20s
Brodies Lemon & Ginger Tea
An exhilarating blend of citrus lemon and ginger, this revitalizing infusion evokes the zesty flavours of South East Asia. Combined with the powerful antioxidants of the lemongrass, you can enjoy a flavourful cup that will also do you good! Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Ginger (35%), lemon peel (25%), lemongrass, linden flower, lemon & lime flavouring (7%), blackberry leaves. Caffeine Free.


Bontea Pure Ceylon Tea
Bontea Pure Ceylon Tea
Made from the highest grade of Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings from the soaring mountain ranges of Sri Lanka, this exquisitely aromatic and deliciously flavourful cup is guaranteed to stir the senses of tea lovers. Available in 25s, 50s and 100s.


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