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Lelit William Coffee Grinder PL72
[SALE] Lelit William – PL72 Coffee Grinder With 64MM Flat Mills and Micrometric Regulation 220V/240V 50-60HZ
Last 2 Stocks to go ! William is a Lelit top grinder. It enhances 64mm flat mills to reduce the grinding time, the graphic interface of the LCC to program the different grinding parameters and enable interaction with the final user and a dose counter to know how many doses have been ground. Its refined aesthetics makes this grinder the obligational choice for all real espresso lovers.

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $998.00.

Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Beans 454g
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale Dolce 100% Arabica Coffee beans is the mildest of the Speciale coffee range. The traditional method of roasting helps in the extraction of flavours, which will appeal especially to those who like a delicate and flavourful coffee. Perfect for milk-based coffee lovers.


Latte Art Pitcher 20 oz
Latte Art Pitcher 20oz
This stainless steel latte art pitcher is a wonderful addition to any espresso set and is built to last. Its 20-ounce capacity makes it the ideal size for doing latte art.


Boncafé Decaffeinated Instant Gourmet Coffee 100g
Boncafé Decaffeinated Instant Coffee
Blended from pure Arabica beans from Central / South America, this blend is perfect for those who enjoy premium taste without the caffeine stimulation. Available in 50g and 100g jars.


Bontea Jasmine Green Tea
Bontea Jasmine Green Tea (100s) Signature Collection
A delicate blend of the finest green tea leaves with premium Jasmine flowers, giving rise to a wonderful cup that is rich in antioxidants and other anti-aging properties, and flavoured with subtle floral notes.


[SALE] Baratza Sette 30 Grinder
The Sette 30 is for coffee lovers looking to unlock the next level of espresso quality. With fast, low-retention grinding, you've got the tools you need to make the most of your espresso machine.

Original price was: $420.00.Current price is: $399.00.

Latte Art Pitcher 12oz
Latte Art Pitcher 12oz
This premium milk frothing pitcher comes with measurement scales on both sides, so you can make a perfect coffee every time.


iCafe French Vanilla
Boncafé iCafé French Vanilla 30pcs
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk and vanilla flavour.

Original price was: $36.00.Current price is: $32.40.

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