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Bonaroma Cup of Joe
With a hint of dark roast, this blend will delight your senses with its bold and creamy body which strike a beautiful balance with the roasty cacao, caramel sweetness and fruity notes. Perfect for those who prefer a strong cup.


Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica Beans 1kg
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica
Segafredo Zanetti Speciale 100% Arabica Coffee beans is a selection of Arabica beans from South America. Its aromatic, delicate and balanced flavour will delight the most demanding of connoisseurs. This coffee with its citrus character and hint of honey will appeal to gourmets.


Segafredo Zanetti Classico Carton
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Classico x 1 Carton
Rich and balanced. Intensity: 10 Roast Level: Medium Packaging: 10 Aluminum capsules* per box (10 boxes per carton) *compatible with Nespresso® machines. 100% RECYCLABLE.


Boncafé Colombiana Blend
A delicate blend of lively and bright Arabica beans from the Latin American highlands and roasted at Full City (medium dark) to bring out a dark fruited sweetness in the cup. It has a rounded mouth-feel with a slight floral scent and a slightly nutty, bittersweet aftertaste.


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