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Running low on energy? Here’s something to get you fuelled up any time.
Brodies Peppermint Tea 20s
Brodies Peppermint Tea
Bright Green cut leaves are used in this classic herbal tea which both stimulates and refreshes – a wonderfully effective after-dinner ‘digestif’ that will settle over-worked stomachs and cleanse the palate. Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Peppermint. Caffeine Free.


Brodies Lemon & Ginger Tea 20s
Brodies Lemon & Ginger Tea
An exhilarating blend of citrus lemon and ginger, this revitalizing infusion evokes the zesty flavours of South East Asia. Combined with the powerful antioxidants of the lemongrass, you can enjoy a flavourful cup that will also do you good! Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags. Ingredients: Ginger (35%), lemon peel (25%), lemongrass, linden flower, lemon & lime flavouring (7%), blackberry leaves. Caffeine Free.


Bontea Jasmine Green Tea
Bontea Jasmine Green Tea (100s) Signature Collection
A delicate blend of the finest green tea leaves with premium Jasmine flowers, giving rise to a wonderful cup that is rich in antioxidants and other anti-aging properties, and flavoured with subtle floral notes.


[NEW] ELEKTRA Verve Premium Italian Espresso Coffee Machine [Complimentary Premium Accessories]
Verve is an extremely versatile espresso machine! The professional performance and compact size allow it to be used in the home, small coffee shops, recreational or work environments, even on the go. Practically anywhere.


Boncafé 70ml Double-Spout Glass Cup
Made from high borosilicate glass, this cup not only exudes class in its crystal-clear design but also handles temperature fluctuations like a pro. Whether you're savoring a delicate tea or a bold espresso shot, this Double-Spout Glass Cup elevates every drinking experience. Choose clarity, durability, and style – choose the Double-Spout Glass Cup for moments worth savouring. Available in a sleek, clear finish, it's the perfect addition to your beverage collection.


Segafredo Zanetti Ristreto Carton
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Ristretto x 1 Carton
Strong and robust. Intensity: 11 Roast Level: Medium Packaging: 10 Aluminum capsules* per box (10 boxes per carton) *compatible with Nespresso® machines. 100% RECYCLABLE.


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