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iCafé French Vanilla
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk and vanilla flavour.
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iCafé Cappucino
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with cappuccino flavour.
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iCafé Caffé Mocha
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with cocoa and milk.
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iCafé Caffé Latte
A rich, creamy brew of pure, roasted Boncafé coffee with milk.
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Kookje Yuza Concentrated Juice & Mix
Highly prized for this fragrant zest, this Yuza concentrated juice offers a tangy and citrusy flavour, refreshing and perfectly ideal for the Asian climate as a refreshing beverage. This concentrated juice can also create delectable sweets and confectionaries. Available in 1kg Pack size
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Kookje Plum Concentrated Juice & Mix
Korean Plum is famous and well known fruit in Asia. Exotic, elegance, sweet and clean taste. Kookje has special plum extract produce system and LTS (Low Temperature Sterilization). Plum concentrated juice and mix is a winner of Superion taste award 2011 by iTQi, Belgium.
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Bonjuice Fruit Juice Concentrate
avour the goodness of Boncafé’s juice concentrates made from USA for a refreshingly wholesome experience. Nutritionally fortified with Vitamin C, Bonjuice presents an extensive range of tropically flavoured juices to offer your customers. Flavours: Lime, Fruit Punch, Mango, Orange, Pineapple and Pink Guava
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Bonfrappe Vanilla
A sweet, perfumed aroma with a woody flavour. An exotic flavour and yet versatile as an universal base to design your own signature blended beverage.
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Bonfrappe Mocha
A rich and creamy chocolate flavour with a hint of coffee to satisfy one’s desire.
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Bonfrappe Matcha
A well-balanced blend of green tea flavour and sweetness with a creamy texture.
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Bonfrappe Latte
A robust flavour of high quality coffee that delights the palette of a serious coffee drinker.
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Bonfrappe Chocolate
An irresistible and indulgent for chocolate lover.
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Classic Decaf Agglomerated Instant Coffee Stick

A nicely balanced blend with pleasant aroma which is perfect for those who enjoy coffee without stimulating

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One of the oldest blends from Segafredo, Intermezzo is blended and roasted with skill to give the discerning coffee lover a cup of quality coffee with a rich and distinctive aroma:
The real Italian coffee.

Intermezzo is a vibrant blend of quality Arabica and Robusta whole bean coffees.
It is characteristically full-bodied, well structured and aromatic with understated notes of spice, ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Brodies Camomile

Well-known for its relaxing and sleep-inducing properties (famously given to soothe Peter Rabbit before bed) we select the best quality camomile flowers for this aromatic and sweetly perfumed tea.

Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags.

Ingredients: Camomile flower.

Caffeine Free.

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Royale Viennese

The Viennese Blend wonderfully melds the refined qualities of Latin America Arabica beans with the full-bodied strength of Asian Robusta beans.

A Full City (medium dark) roast, it creates a bitter-sweet brew that has a slight caramel and chocolatey flavour with mild acidity.

Available in 500g (beans only), 60g (ground only) and 350g (ground only).

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Bontea Earl Grey

A classic blend of pure Ceylon black tea flavoured with oils derived from the rind of the Bergamot Orange, its distinctive flavour and refreshing aroma has cemented its reputation as one of the world’s most beloved gourmet teas.

Available in 100 individually wrapped tea sachets per box.

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Lyons Toppings & Pie Fillings

No dessert is complete without the addition of Lyons Toppings and Pie Fillings. Ideal for any occasion, choose from a variety of traditional flavours to create desserts that will please any palate.

Fruit Toppings Flavours: Lyons Blueberry, Lyons Red Raspberry, Pumpable Strawberry.

Speciality Toppings: , Lyons No Heat Chocolate Cone Dip, Lyons Caramel Hot Fudge, Lyons Rich ‘N’ Creamy Chocolate Hot Fudge, Lyons Caramel.

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Royale Premium Tierra

The Tierra Blend is roasted from a combination of the flowery bouquet of Latin American Arabica beans and the strong Asian Robusta beans.

A Full City (medium dark) roast, it has a sweet and mildly acidic vibrant note delicately rounded with a full-bodied flavour.

Available in 500g (beans only).

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Brodies Lemon & Ginger

An exhilarating blend of citrus lemon and ginger, this revitalizing infusion evokes the zesty flavours of South East Asia. Combined with the powerful antioxidants of the lemongrass, you can enjoy a flavourful cup that will also do you good!

Contains: 20 tag & envelope bags.

Ingredients: Ginger (35%), lemon peel (25%), lemongrass, linden flower, lemon & lime flavouring (7%), blackberry leaves.

Caffeine Free.

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Velvety smooth Hojicha that contains 20% of powdered roasted Japanese tea; delightful and calming with a pleasant woody aroma.

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Cappucine Chocolate Decadence

Indulge your tastebuds with this ultimate coffee-free chocolate fix! Ideal as a base for making unique chocolate beverages.

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