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Cafflano Kompact


Cafflano® Kompact is an advanced press-typed (immersion) coffee brewer, which consists of silicone Bellows Chamber (easy & efficient power transmitting press chamber) with a foldable Press Guide, ultra-fine etched stainless Micro Filter, and Airlock to keep it compact and to enable cold brew on-the-go. It’s a simple pressing, hot & cold brewer!

Key Features of Cafflano® Kompact
• Portability – Compact with Airlock cap. No scales needed
• HighPressure – Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press – Press & Squeeze mode
• Safe – Lower pressing point, single-side open, and no leaks – High melting point : 220°C (Food grade silicone)
• Cold Brew – Cold brew on-the-go with Airlock cap
• Cup-free – Irrelevant to cup types, even squeezing on flat-dishes is possible
• Pump Mechanism – Perfect cleaning of micro-holes (filter) with bellows’ pumping action – Visual check of brewing progress
• Eco-Friendly – Etched stainless Micro Filter & commercial paper filter compatible

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Is there any warranty?

Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for any machines purchased from us.

Do you provide any delivery?

Yes we deliver and setup the machine for FREE and teach you basic training how to use the machine.

Do you provide any service if my machine gets broken?

Yes, we provide repair services on site and in our service center.

Do you provide training for my staff?

Yes, we provide training at our office and if needed we can also train your staff on-site.

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Cafflano Kompresso

Cafflano® Kompresso is the world’s most compact and the lightest portable authentic espresso maker that uses a hydraulic system complied with Pascal’s Principle to boost the extraction force of espresso.

Key Factors of Cafflano® Kompresso:
• Hydraulic water compression opposed to typical Pneumatic air compression
• Unique compression-model design that maximizes force efficiency
• Consistent high-pressure over 9 bars
• Light! Less than 200g (0.44lb)
• Compact (17cm x 10cm)
• Sustainable & eco-friendly
• Durable and hygienic
• Easy to use and clean
• Max capacity of water = 80mL (2.7oz)
• Max capacity of Basket Filter = 15g (0.03lb)
• Affordable with no filters to replace
• Internationally Patented (Utility and Design Patents)

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Cafflano Klassic All in One Coffee Maker

Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design. It consists of coffee grinder that has a foldaway conical burr ceramic hand-mill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, etched stainless filter and tumbler, and all of those components are integrated into a single assembling unit. Wherever you are, with Cafflano® Klassic, whole beans and hot water, you can easily and conveniently make fresh and tasty coffee of your own. The best way to have great coffee is to grind freshly roasted beans and brew right before you enjoy it; and Cafflano® Klassic is the one that enables it. It is neither battery-operated nor needs electricity, but totally environment-conscious with its permanent etched stainless filter.

Key Features of Cafflano® Klassic
• Portability – a470g(1lb.) single constructible unit with full functionality
• Convenience – easy to brew, no multiple brewing kit, measuring cup nor scale are required • Economical – 1/10th cost of coffee at shops and 60% cost of existing bulky brewing kit
• Eco-friendly – no electric power, disposable filters & cup are required
• Individuality – freedom of choosing any specialty coffee

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Cafflano Go-Brew

Cafflano® Go-Brew is a versatile bottle with full of functionalities, pour-over coffee brewing set, beverage bottle and eco-friendly take-away cup, pumped up with its super-sustainability.


  • Maximum portability and easy cleaning
  • Made with Bioplastic ECOZEN, Silicon and Polypropylene

Best New Product Award from SCA World of Coffee 2019 Berlin
– Consumer Coffee or Tea Preparation and Serving Equipment (Non-Electrical)

Available in Black, Ivory, Lilac, Mint and Red

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