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Toddy Cold Brew System


The Toddy Cold Brew System extracts the coffee bean’s true delicious flavor and eliminates much of the acidity, producing a bold, super-smooth coffee that can be served one cup at a time. The Toddy system is also ideal for making tea – served hot or over ice.

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What's the best grind size for cold brew?

We recommend coarse grind.

Coffee in this area isn't available in 12 oz. sizes. Can a full pound be brewed? 8 ounces?

Yes, you can essentially brew as much or as little as you'd like. To brew one pound (16 oz./450 g) of coffee, increase the amount of water added to the grounds to 9 cups (2.13 L). Please note: The brewing container will be very full, so use caution not to overflow. To brew 8 ounces (230 g) of coffee, decrease the water to 4.5 cups (1.07 L).

Can the Toddy® Cold Brew System be used to cold brew tea?

Yes, the Toddy® Cold Brew System brews tea that is delicious and smoother than a hot brew or sun tea method as many of the tannins and bitterness aren't released in the absence of heat.

How much concentrate does the Toddy® Cold Brew System produce with each batch?

If you're brewing 12 ounces of coffee, it should yield approximately 36-38 ounces of coffee concentrate. If you're making tea, your 8 ounces of tea leaves should produce approximately 50 ounces of tea concentrate.

Brewing instructions say to leave the grounds and water undisturbed. Some of the grounds clump up and resist getting wet, remaining dry even after water has been added. Should the grounds be stirred?

Yes, you can stir the grounds if using Method 1 from our instructions with the Toddy® Paper Filter Bags. Stirring is not recommended for Method 2 as the felt filter may clog if the finest particles settle at the bottom during stirring. Instead, using a water pitcher, slowly pour water in a circular motion over the grounds. If needed, lightly tap the topmost grounds with the back of a spoon to ensure all grounds get wet.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for any machines purchased from us.

Do you provide any delivery?

Yes we deliver and setup the machine for FREE and teach you basic training how to use the machine.

Do you provide any service if my machine gets broken?

Yes, we provide repair services on site and in our service center.

Do you provide training for my staff?

Yes, we provide training at our office and if needed we can also train your staff on-site.

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Toddy® filters are uniquely designed specifically for cold brew filtration, extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, and leaving behind the bitter acids and oils attached to their warm brew counterparts.
In that sense, Toddy filters are what makes the coffee that millions have sworn by since 1964.

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Commercial Cold Brew System Coffee Maker

The Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System Coffee Maker is used by many coffee houses. Unlike hot brew methods, the Toddy Cold Brew system uses no electricity and produces a smooth, low acid coffee extract that possesses a natural sweetness. Toddy Cold Brew is considered by many coffee fans to be the best to use when making cold coffee or tea drinks like iced lattes, iced coffee, chai teas, and more. The resulting Toddy Cold Brew coffee extract also heats beautifully for making smooth tasting hot coffees that are easier on sensitive stomachs.

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